About Fashion Tailor

Fashion Tailor was established in 1939 by Senior C.Y. Chow selling high quality bespoke tailored gentlemen’s clothes.  Since its inception, he has made for himself a reputation as one of Singapore’s discerning artiste tailor. Following the shop’s success, news travelled far and wide that the company produced clothing with a similar cut and quality to match the style of Saville Row clothes.

The firm is now managed by his son, Jimmy Chow, who has spent many years learning from his father.

Belonging to a dying breed of craftsmen, Jimmy Chow is well known for inventing the ‘Power Look’, an unmistakably crisp, aggressive and executive cut for dynamic international executives. His cut gives a highly sophisticated silhouette grandly elevated with the utmost dash and flair to make a man look like the “Chairman of the Board”.

Even to this date, Jimmy still believes and uses old world methods to create the fine detailing found in bespoke custom tailoring. Each Fashion Tailor suit is made 70% by hand. Every suit is hand-cut individually and meticulously sewn together with approximately 10,000 hand-stitches. The craftsmanship is of the absolute highest order.

Today, his clientele includes professionals, businessman, politicians and royalties who find his blend of Anglo-American styling just right; natural, shouldered and softly constructed, but with some shaping and flare.

His distinguished V.I.P customers include:

  • Former Prime Minister of Singapore, Mr Goh Chok Tong
  • Former Deputy Prime Minister of Singapore, Professor S. Jayakumar
  • Deputy Prime Minister of Malaysia, Tan Sri Dato Muhyiddin Yassin
  • Ex- President of Indonesia, Dr B. J. Habibie
  • The Sultan of Johore


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