The Tuxedo

When an event or social function calls for “Black tie”, it indicates unequivocally that the host expects tuxedos (dinner jacket) to be worn.

The tuxedo jacket is normally in black or midnight blue in colour. However, in warmer climate the off-white jacket may be worn.

Both single and double-breasted models are equally authentic and correct. The lapel can either be the shawl or peaked trimmed with satin or grosgrain silk facings. The shawl lapel produces a softer old image. Men with round face or less muscle physique generally look smarter in the uplifting, sharper angled, pointed peaked lapel.

The lower front pocket of the jacket is the double besom pocket and trimmed in the lapel silk facing.

The tuxedo jacket is generally ventless. However, the side vents is also an acceptable choice.

The Trousers

The tuxedo trousers traditionally have no cuffs. The outer seams are decorated with a unique braid of silk piping made from the same material as the jacket lapel. Tuxedo trousers do not have belt-loops as they are never worn with a belt. Instead, they are tightened with adjustable side tabs.

The Dress Shirt

The classic tuxedo shirt should always be plain white. The shirts have a decorated rectangular panel that runs all the way up the front of the shirt. The most common styles are pleated or a pique fabric woven with a dimpled pattern called Marcella.

There are two collar styles: a wing collar or semi-spread turndown collar. The cuffs of the shirt should have double-cuffs.

Instead of button, some shirts even have buttonhole on both edges, which are closed with decorative studs.

The cufflinks have to match the decorative button studs either in gold or silver onyx stone. The metal colour has to match your wrist watch or pocket watch.

The Cummerband

A cummerband is a pleated sash that wraps horizontally around the waist. Traditionally, it is made from the same silk as the jacket lapel facings. The gold standard for black-tie is a black waist covering. However, you can sometimes get away with a cummerband of another dark colour, such as burgundy red or forest green so long as your goal is a relaxed semi-formal look. For example, at a wedding party.

The waistcoat

The tuxedo waistcoat is cut low and wide so as to show as much of the shirt’s decorative pleats. Single or double-breasted waistcoats are acceptable. There are two welt pockets located at the lower front of the waistcoat and are intended to hold a pocket watch.

The Bow-tie

The bow-tie should be black and made of silk. The bowtie texture is governed strictly by the jacket lapel facing-satin for satin facing and a ribbed weave for grosgrain facings. Bow-ties are always worn in front of the wing collar. You can choose between a pre-tied and a self-tied bow-tie.

The Shoes

You have two styles options for black tie shoes.

  1. Formal opera pumps made of highly polished patent leather.
  2. A pair of highly-polished oxfords are also acceptable

Opera Scarfs

The tuxedo scarf is white in colour and has 3 inches long funnels. it is normally made from finish silk or cashmere.

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