Formal Wear Hiring


Fashion Tailors (Singapore) Pte Ltd is popular for its Formal Wear Hiring services. The firm carries tuxedos, morning coats, tailcoats and other types of suits in all sizes, catering to young children as well as adults who are larger than 49 inches around the waist.

We Provide :

Tuxedo Suit

This suit style is versatile enough to be worn during weddings, as well as other formal black tie events.

Business Lounge Suit

Strike a business deal or impress your dinner guests in style with our polished business lounge suits.

Groom Suit

Also known as the wedding suit, the groom suit can come in various designs - single or double breasted, have two or three buttons and can feature wide or narrow lapels.

Best Man Suit

Our best man suits are the perfect ensemble for the best man on that special day.

Page Boys Suit

Looking for the perfect outfit for your page boy on your wedding day? Check out our range of page boy suits. Even he can suit up too!

Graduation/Prom Night Suit

Look every bit a gentleman for graduation or prom, as our suits will flatter every figure.

Morning Suit

Want to stand out even in the classiest crowds? Try on our crisp and well-tailored morning dress suits that are suitable for both weddings and formal events.


Usually worn during very formal and white tie functions, tails are coats with a long tail, which is divided into halves in the back and with the front cut away into a straight line at the waist.

Top Hat

You don’t need to fly to England to find a classy top hat! Complement your tuxedo, tailcoat or morning dress with one of our top hats to put that final touch to your outfit.

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