Tips On Dressing

Dressing well is not as elusive as you think. It is something every man can readily accomplish, regardless of his body type. But before we embark to discover the secrets of dressing well, we need to first acknowledge our own flaws and virtues. Only then we can learn to select our wardrobe with an eye for harmony, sense of balance, proportion and an awareness of silhouette. A balanced silhouette can be achieved by paying attention to fit, colour and pattern.


Since the beginning of history, men have known the wisdom in being well dressed. It is irrefutable, that in an affluent society such as ours, we tend to place a man by his clothes or rather, his outer appearance. As soon as you enter a room before you can even utter a word, your clothes have already given a first impression of you. That first impression is the determining factor in whatever endeavor you are about to embark upon. A well-dressed man in outstanding clothing will certainly give the impression of success and integrity. Think about it, would you have confidence in a shabbily dressed doctor or bank manager?

It is therefore worthwhile to pay considerable attention to our clothes. It will inadvertently cost you more not to dress well, because it will have a bearing on your social and commercial advancement. Women know that there is much to gain in being well dressed and this applies to men just as well, if not, even more.